Why I’m not posting?

I’m sick. Nothing serious, but I dont want to write when feeling ill. I’ll post something soon.


Feeling Down

Yep, I’m feeling kind of down at the moment. Just purely  because of the fact that I personally think school is just bullshit. Sure, I am more than happy to learn, but only about stuff I care about. If I don’t even WANT to know when Louis XIV lived and what he did, I’d learn it, but why would I be forced to learn it.


One of the things you need to be able to do when surviving the wildlife, is you have to know how to hunt. The other thing is gather, and bam. Hunters & Gatherers, we all know them.

I’m taking a bow with me, yes, a Bow and Arrow(s).

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Learning Coding

Yeah, I’m learning coding..

So currently, I’m not publishing too much, I’ll try to write as much as possible, but learning coding and writing isn’t too good of a combination right now!

Once I get done with learning HTML (not fully ofcourse) I’ll start writing my own website so I can get off this ‘shitty’ wordpress.

Publicity and Sharing

So. Today I don’t feel like writing.

It’s the first time I send this blog to anyone I know personally. Wether it was smart or not, I don’t really care. Even if people think it’s strange, it’s something I want to do. I also recommended her the same movie I recommended you guys; Into the Wild. 

It’s weird writing this post, knowing she might check back later on this blog, it’s like I’m chatting and also not.. I don’t know how to explain. 

Anyway, if you’re checking this back (you know who you are!) let me know. It’d be a nice way to ‘test’ wether people like coming back to this blog or not.


For today; just check out this site: http://www.everythingwolf.com/ 

It’s the site of a Wolf Preserve somewhere in the US. They love wolves, and inform you about current political views on wolf population and more.

A Shoutout and Inspirational Stuff

Today, I’ll bring you some inspirational stuff, but first of all a big shoutout to .

He’s an awesome guy, and he has his own blog; http://thedutchhermit.blogspot.nl/ He is leaving around April to do the same, but with a bit more of equipment. Be sure to check him out!


Now, this youtube search will get you quite a bunch of inspirational videos.

And these are two movies you should REALLY watch;

Into The Wild – A movie about Christopher Mccandles aka Supertramp. I plan to visit the Magic Bus one day.

The Lion King – ‘What? The Lion King’ Yes! The Lion King. Rewatch it. It’s such a good movie, it’ll bring up nostalgia and emotions like crazy.


That’s all folks.

The Challenge of Survival

First of all, do you guys like the look of the new webpage? Let me know in the comments please!

I miss it. It’s not here. I want it to be here.

We go to the grocery store, buy some food and shove it up our throat. What a thrill in life.

But wait! There’s more! We have to sit in an office for 6 hours straight to earn the money to buy the food! Look at how hard our life is!

I want to work for my own food. I want to hunt the animal down, do I fail to kill the animal, I don’t deserve the flesh of that animal. We ruin this rule. We breed animals in a cage, where’s the chasing gone? How does that animal have a fair chance? Do I eat, or be eaten? Do I live, or let live?

It’s the fundaments of life in my opinion. And we miss it. I miss the thrill. I want the thrill.
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