The Start

Where shall I start?

I’m a 15 year old kid, who has a dream. A dream I hope to make reality. By writing this blog I hope I can inspire some of you to follow your dream. Heck, I’d be happy to inspire to follow the same dream as me, it’s all up to you.  As long as you’re living life the way you think it’s meant to be lived, I’m happy for you. If you show any disrespect to others, not necessarily me, I will block you from commenting on this blog. I’m trying to create a positive vibe here. A community that will grow and grow. A community that lives life how they want to live life.

How do I want to live my life then? Well, I’ll tell you.

I am planning to go back to the wild. Live live as primitive as possible. Use as little techonology as possible. In my next blog entry I’ll talk a bit more about technology and the bond there is between it and humans. I will grab my bike, and cycle. Cycle, and cycle. Untill I get to a point, where I want to be. I’ll ask locals for some shelter there, and tell them this exact story I am telling you on this blog. Why I am doing this, and how I came up with the idea. What my motivation is, and more. Once I get to a point I can legitimately call abandoned, I will live there. I will live like a wolf. An animal. A predator. I cannot wait untill I’m actually doing it. But before I end this idea, and you go off thinking ‘Heck yeah I’mma do that too!’ I’d advise you one thing: Don’t. Not yet, that is. You need training. Lots of training. Experience. You can’t do it without, you wont survive even a week. Why? Because humans are dependent on technology.

A few things you should know about this blog; I’ll quote a ton of people, or maybe I wont, but that’s up too my lazyness. Then; Christopher Mccandless. Wiki him, or click his name in the quote in this blog. You’ll see why I posted his name here.

More in the next entry. I’d like to give a shoutout to the Dutch Hermit. A man I admire. He’ll do pretty much the same, and leaves around April. I wish him the very best luck. Click this to go to his blog. Since I extremely enjoy reading that blog, I’ll go ahead and rip off one of the things I like the most (sorry! 🙂 ); The Daily Song. I’ll modify it a bit though, I’ll post any songs I think you should hear, but also any videos I think you should watch, any movies I found extremely satisfying to watch, any tutorials I’ve learned a lot from. Any life lessons I’ve encountered. It’s quite personal, this blog. I hope you will enjoy it for the many years to come. One more thing: I’ll keep my name anonymous for right now, maybe untill the day I leave.

“Call everything by it’s right name. It’s right name”      Christopher McCandless

And you, future me, if you’re reading this back right now, and you’ve decided to not do it afterall: Think again. Do what you think is best, but keep in mind that YOU think it’s the best and most awesome thing you’ll ever do right now.

-A Dutch Lone Wolf

For the first song ever;


6 thoughts on “The Start

  1. Thank you for posting the link and I will take a look every now and then. Unfortunately since it’s about time for me to leave I am quite buzy. I will post the link of your blog in the fav websites on mine. Glad you like my blog and I like the fact that you and I think alike and I never thought that I would meet another person, in my country, who is about to do the same thing. Take care

  2. tim schreef:

    nice blog i am happy their are other people who think like this. go for it is all i can say! its a dream of me to ! greets from belgium antwerp !!!

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