A Shoutout and Inspirational Stuff

Today, I’ll bring you some inspirational stuff, but first of all a big shoutout to .

He’s an awesome guy, and he has his own blog; http://thedutchhermit.blogspot.nl/ He is leaving around April to do the same, but with a bit more of equipment. Be sure to check him out!


Now, this youtube search will get you quite a bunch of inspirational videos.

And these are two movies you should REALLY watch;

Into The Wild – A movie about Christopher Mccandles aka Supertramp. I plan to visit the Magic Bus one day.

The Lion King – ‘What? The Lion King’ Yes! The Lion King. Rewatch it. It’s such a good movie, it’ll bring up nostalgia and emotions like crazy.


That’s all folks.


2 thoughts on “A Shoutout and Inspirational Stuff

  1. Hey there, a shout out back 🙂
    I just stopped by to ask if you are in for a read.. I was searching on google for other people who are either lived in the wild or who are about to do that.. I stumbled upon an article… http://www.eco-action.org/dt/wildup.html
    This is the story of a guy who has been living primitively for 3 years and counting.. might be worth a look 😉

    I have watched Into the wild a couple of times, great movie! and I am pretty sure that if he pwas more prepared that he still would be living there. He died but at least he truly lived.

    My kids love the lion king and I did to as a kid.. awesome movie! never gets old 🙂
    Take care.

  2. dutchlonewolf schreef:

    Thanks, I’ll give it a read!

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