Publicity and Sharing

So. Today I don’t feel like writing.

It’s the first time I send this blog to anyone I know personally. Wether it was smart or not, I don’t really care. Even if people think it’s strange, it’s something I want to do. I also recommended her the same movie I recommended you guys; Into the Wild. 

It’s weird writing this post, knowing she might check back later on this blog, it’s like I’m chatting and also not.. I don’t know how to explain. 

Anyway, if you’re checking this back (you know who you are!) let me know. It’d be a nice way to ‘test’ wether people like coming back to this blog or not.


For today; just check out this site: 

It’s the site of a Wolf Preserve somewhere in the US. They love wolves, and inform you about current political views on wolf population and more.


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