One of the things you need to be able to do when surviving the wildlife, is you have to know how to hunt. The other thing is gather, and bam. Hunters & Gatherers, we all know them.

I’m taking a bow with me, yes, a Bow and Arrow(s).

I’ll be starting to train shooting it within the next month, and actively train. I have a nice field not too far from my house, and a friend who can borrow me his bow untill I buy my own (I’ll first have to see if it’s something I want to consider taking with me, since it IS quite big). It’s actually illegal if not done on private terrain, so I hope no cops read this, heh. I’ll also be learning (not yet, once I ‘master’ the bow & arrow to such a degree where I can hit something 80% of the time and approximately where I want it (Thank you Layla for noticing how I didn’t end my brackets at first)), I’ll start learning how to craft a bow and arrow, and especially arrows themselves, since they’re likely to break when I am running or have to travel over rocks, not to mention that I can miss my target and never be able to retrieve that arrow since I lost it.

After I learn that, I’ll also learn how to make traps for small-sized prey, such as for example a Rabbit.

Why the bow and arrow?
They’re ‘easy’ to craft, and they don’t require too much tools. It’s silent, therefor not scaring prey that hasn’t noticed me shooting another animal, and let’s be honest: It looks freaking beast! Also, I am actually quite a good archer. I’ve shot bow & arrow 7 times in my life now, and even won a prize once, I guess it’s ‘in my blood’. And, everytime I have shot so far, I get a rush of satisfaction when I hit where I want to hit it. The ammo doesn’t require man-made materials, nor does the weapon itself. Once I learn the bow & arrow, I’ll learn slinging, which can be very very accurate and very very deadly if you master it.

Tomorrow, I’ll write something about gathering.

For now;


3 thoughts on “Hunting

  1. Have you considered a crossbow? Crossbows tend to be more accurate and powerfull. Making a crosbow in the wild is a lot more difficult but it can be done and making crosbow arrows/bolts are much smaller and therefore easier to create. The only downside of a crosbow is that they are not mend for long distance shooting, in that case a bow would be better.
    Slings are always great. easy to make in the wildeness and ammo laying everywhere. practiced with them alot and they’re awesome

  2. dutchlonewolf schreef:

    I have considered a crossbow, but I think they’re not quite what I’m looking for. Besides, to cock a crossbow takes quite some time (you have ‘autocrossbows’ but those you cant really make in the wild) and by that time your prey might have already moved, or you don’t have the time to shoot a second time when you missed at first.
    Not to say that with a bow, you can more easily craft one and also it’s less illegal. I’ve looked into the Dutch Law and apparently crossbows are considered more lethal weapons than (long)bows and therefore they fit into a different category. And indeed, bows are better at longrange, and you can decide yourself wether you want to use full power or half, so you don’t completely ruin a potential meal.

    • Makes perfect sense. I guess they both have their up’s and down’s. Modern crossbows also have a lot of replacement parts that are impossible to make out there if they are broken or lost. When I first started slinging in parks I wondered if it was legal or not. Looked it up and realised that the Dutch law doesn’t say anything about slings.. only slingshots which is something totally different.
      Forgot to say; Nice song, the Beatles are on the top of my favorite bands, nice one 🙂

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