Feeling Down

Yep, I’m feeling kind of down at the moment. Just purely  because of the fact that I personally think school is just bullshit. Sure, I am more than happy to learn, but only about stuff I care about. If I don’t even WANT to know when Louis XIV lived and what he did, I’d learn it, but why would I be forced to learn it.
The entire school system would be so much better if you’d only have to attend to classes you feel a thing for. Sure, the basics and all that, elementary school and middle achool I guess its called in america/other countries, we just call it basicschool, should be required. But from that point you should decide yourself what you want to learn. Maybe kids are too young to decide that at that age. Maybe they are. I’m 15 and in 3th class in highschool I guess you’d call it? Anyway, this year we have to choose a profile of things we want to do. You got CM, EM, NG and NT. I chose NT, but that doesn’t matter. I just think that with school you’re wasting so much time of your life. You could spend all that time on doing things you actually like doing. Society, I tell you. Society forced you into doing things for society, so you can force others to do things for society. You’d think it’s all so good, but I’d rather spend my life in a way I want to spend it than in a way YOU want ME to spend it, or spend my life FOR you. Might call me an asshat, and I couldn’t care less. I like doing things for others, but I don’t like the idea of HAVING to do them for others. HAVING to do stuff for other people in order to ‘survive’ (Aka buy Microwave meals). I cant stress this enough: I’m sick and tired of having to live my life for OTHER people instead of MYSELF.
Back to the topic, that’s why I am kind of feeling down. I am feeling like I’m wasting my time right now, doing all this school stuff. Heck, do I not decide to actually do this thing what this blog is about, I’d become a coder or something, which I don’t even have lessons for in school, meaning it’s a waste of time either way!
I’m not depressed, I don’t mind doing it. But I’d MUCH rather do something else, but I can’t. Because of Society. And also, because if I fail, if I personally fail, partly because of how humans have screwed up their evolution in some way, partly because I failed, I need a backup plan so I can still live live in society.
I’m down, and confused. I don’t know what to do right now, so I’ll just keep on doing what I am doing for now.
Today’s Goodbye-thingy would be: Do NOT watch the movie ‘Lincoln’. It’s so incredibly boring, it’s just stupid. Even if you’re an American who LOVES America, it’s just plain boring. Talking, talking and talking. Political discussions, that’s all there is to it. Were you considering seeing this movie, just DONT. Oh, and if you’re reading this L., tell me you read it. I’m curious and won’t talk about the blog anymore,  see if you actually read it yourself. if you do, tell me what you think, and if you don’t, thats no problem, I don’t blame you 🙂 .

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