The Return: Weaponry

Today is the day I return, hurray! Everyone is cheering!

No. But anyway, I feel like writing again, so here I am.

Let’s talk weaponry. Or, better, my preffered weapons. Everyone knows what a gun is, and what it can do. But when you think about it, what does it really do..? I’ll leave that opinion to yourself. I will however state my opinion on guns, the users and especially hunters.

Guns are amazing inventions, let’s be honest. They can fire a bullet over 500 meters with pinpoint precision. For example, I believe the longest confirmed sniper kill is ~850 meters. The windage, mathematics, but especially the technology behind the weapon required to make the shot stuns me. But.. It’s a kill. A sniper kill. Most Gun users shoot for fun, but nearly all of them are consealed carriers. First of all I do not like the thought that people all around you can just have a gun with them legally, luckily it isn’t over here in Holland. The idea that someone can just pull out a gun to shoot you.. It ‘frustrates’ me I guess you could say. IF I would get killed, I’d rather die in a fight than to get gunned down. It eliminates all your chances. What can a person do against a person with a gun?

This leads me to hunters. I like modern hunters, they want to find the thrill of the hunt. And that’s practically the only thing too. The weaponry they use, the methods.. It’s all so.. Unfair.. They’re sitting in little deer stands for example, just waiting untill an innocent deer comes by.. They pull a trigger and BAm, goodbye deer! Isn’t this just unfair? Where’s the Deers’ chance of surival gone to? And even if he had one, the kills modern hunters make are just for their entertainment 90% of the time. To taxidermy an animal in their home, they kill. It’s just wrong. Disrespectfull. No point. Not part of the circle of life in my honest opinion.. You make a prop out of the deer, or you leave him there, eventually becoming part of the plants and trees there. Now that second option sounds good, but WHY SO EARLY? That deer could’ve had the same purpose WITHOUT you shooting him! He could’ve had a longer life..

Whatever. I can’t stop them. If I ever will go out to hunt, if I will ever go out and do what this blog is about, I am going to have to hunt. But guns? No way! A bow & arrow, that’s where it’s at for me. I am about to purchase a compound bow and train a lot on my archery. I want to have a reliable shot.
Why the bow? Well, one, Guns aren’t natural, too man made. Two, a bow is just freaking badass in my opinion, and three: You can fletch bows. You can’t make guns out of naturral occuring objects.

So yeah. Hope I made myself clear.

No song of the day. I am worried about what happened to Ralph. He doesn’t post nor reply anymore.. And he shouldn’t have left yet according to his FAQ.. If you’re reading this, Ralph, come back! You have people who want to read the stuff you write!


One thought on “The Return: Weaponry

  1. Hi again. I am doing fine. As I explained on my blog I have been spending the last weeks without an internet connection but it looks like I’m back on track and plans have not changed after all. Still will be leaving the 25th of May. I couldn’t agree with you more 😉 The whole idea of hunting as a sport or hobby without eating the animal makes me sick in my stomach. Fortunately there are a lot of in the US or elsewhere who do eat what they kill. I would also prefere a bow or other ‘primitive’ weapon in order to hunt. Great post and glad to have you back as well 😉 Greetings and take care, Ralph

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