The Challenge of Survival

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I miss it. It’s not here. I want it to be here.

We go to the grocery store, buy some food and shove it up our throat. What a thrill in life.

But wait! There’s more! We have to sit in an office for 6 hours straight to earn the money to buy the food! Look at how hard our life is!

I want to work for my own food. I want to hunt the animal down, do I fail to kill the animal, I don’t deserve the flesh of that animal. We ruin this rule. We breed animals in a cage, where’s the chasing gone? How does that animal have a fair chance? Do I eat, or be eaten? Do I live, or let live?

It’s the fundaments of life in my opinion. And we miss it. I miss the thrill. I want the thrill.
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A Quick Lesson

So, it turns out I had a ton of homework to do today.

A ton. (Hey, I won’t be needing to do anything for someone else anymore when I’m gone!)

So here’s a quick lesson, in the form of a video. Wether you like the game in the background or not; just listen to it. It’s an amazing lesson that may convince you to do what you love. Would I not have figured it out myself; this would have been the video that made me.

Humans and their evolution

First of all; 66 hits in the first 24 hours! That’s great! Thanks guys!

So. Let’s talk about humans today.

I am a human. I like humans. I like other species. I like all animals. Humans are superior to other species, which is quite say-able since we are the most intelligent species as of right now (I believe). But, there’s one thing humans miss. Survivability. Nature. Survival of the fittest.

I like being challenged. And the biggest challenge there is is the following; Can you survive?
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The Start

Where shall I start?

I’m a 15 year old kid, who has a dream. A dream I hope to make reality. By writing this blog I hope I can inspire some of you to follow your dream. Heck, I’d be happy to inspire to follow the same dream as me, it’s all up to you.  As long as you’re living life the way you think it’s meant to be lived, I’m happy for you. If you show any disrespect to others, not necessarily me, I will block you from commenting on this blog. I’m trying to create a positive vibe here. A community that will grow and grow. A community that lives life how they want to live life.

How do I want to live my life then? Well, I’ll tell you.
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